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Encounter: A Journal of Theological Scholarship


Christian Theological Seminary has published Encounter: A Journal of Theological Scholarship continuously since 1956. In each of three annual issues, the journal offers scholarly articles, sermons, and reviews of recently published monographs.

Encounter is a peer-reviewed journal to ensure that its contents meet the highest standards of scholarship and relevance. In particular, the journal publishes works in biblical studies, the history of Christianity, theology, and the arts of ministry, including counseling.

Encounter is indexed in ATLA Religion Database, available full-text in ATLA Serials, and continues to enjoy a substantial print circulation among individuals and theological schools in the United States and abroad.

More detailed information, submission guidelines, and a publishing schedule can be found in the Encounter Publication Guidelines.

Encounter Staff and Contact Information

Senior Editor

Dr. Scott D. Seay

(317) 931-2347

Articles, sermons, peer review process
Book Review Editor

Dr. Amy Lindeman Allen

(317) 931-4227

Book reviews
Managing Editor

David Stout

(317) 931-2364

Subscriptions, production process, etc.


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